Manon of Faith ebook covers


This was the first one that I made. If I had to choose the cover now, this would be my second or third choice. I don't think the white pops out as much as the yellow, but it is better than the black font.


Until I made the 4th book cover, this was going to be my first choice since the yellow font really pops out. It's a little too blue hued for my liking, but I really liked it.


I made this one because 2 people wanted to see what black font would look like. I would like it but I can't see too much of the lettering. I think it's a dud compared to the others.


This is my top choice out of all the covers. This one is also my dad's favorite out of all the covers. I think the yellow font pops out really well, and that this one looks less blue so I like it.

And here is the original picture I used for editing and creating the covers: